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Your Questions

June 10, 2009

2377che_18With only 5 days until my sabbatical begins, I’ve gotten a few questions from folks that I wanted to share with everyone-


What kind of bike do you ride?  I ride a Lemond Etape road bike, with a triple crankset- especially for the hills.  I’ve had this bike for 4 years now.


Will you be gone the whole time?  I will not be away from home the entire 3 months.  I will only be gone for those trips indicated in the flyers- Ohio, France and West Virginia, for maybe only a total of 5 weeks out of 12.  Most of the time, I will be home and riding around central Indiana.


Where will you ride?  My group rides typically venture out Southport Rd. to the west and proceed down Mann Rd. to places unexplored.  I will do that most days, unless I’ve decided on a Monon discovery day, or Bloomington, or something else I drive to.  On rainy days it’s likely I’ll spin at the YMCA, or just sit at home and watch it rain!


What will you do when your home?  Well, I still have family life so most days I’ll likely ride 25-40 miles in and around family transportation duties.  I’ll likely come home and clean up, or go to the YMCA and workout.  Then come home and read, rest and ponder some of the questions I’ve been thinking about.  I know that the TV is always a threat, and I will guard against catching up on Days of Our Lives- after all Stephano is likely up to his same old tricks against the Hortons anyways.  I feel really strongly going into this that I will not only work on my VO2 Max (an important threshold in aerobic activity) but I also want to work on my SAS- my Spiritual Attention Span (I coined that here!)  So, that is what I’ll be doing most of the time- riding, reading and reflecting!


Will I be around?  I will NOT be around church.  I will not take phone calls about church.  I will not have conversations about church.  I will not make any decisions about or for church.  I will be around, but I will not be around for church.  I will not be doing any ministerial duties during this time because I don’t want to get sucked back into the regular roles I play.  This sabbatical is intentionally designed to remove me from my regular roles and ruts, and move me to a new place from which to see myself.  Thank you for respecting that space!  For this same reason, I may or may not respond to comments on this blog- so reader beware, but, if you see me at that Y, or anywhere else, don’t hesitate to say hi and chat!


I hope this sabbatical is as beneficial for the church as I imagine it will be for me.  It’s no picnic- leaving all that I know and know myself to be.  It’s also no picnic for you, the church, to realize you don’t have a trusted minister around this summer to do all the things you expect him to do.  I know that many of you will pick up the pieces well, and carry the load!  Thank you and best wished for a productive summer!