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Spokes Pull

February 9, 2009

In preparation for my sabbatical, I recently took a bicycle repair class at B.G.I.  Shane Rocks!  Anyway…one of the many topics covered was spokes.  Did you know that spokes only pull?  I didn’t know that.  I just assumed that whatever it was that spokes did, they were magical pieces of wire that kept my wheels spinning!  Little did I know that there was a fascinating and functional design!

1400614754_68a0caca981I learned that the purpose of the spoke is actually to pull the rim of the wheel toward the central hub in such a fashion as to keep the wheel perfectly aligned.  Isn’t that interesting?  For me, Spiritual Spokes are those things that pull me towards the hub (God).  Spiritual Spokes are those pieces of my life that keep me aligned…going straight on the path…feeling God’s pull and steering!  These Spiritual Spokes are things like worship, reading my Bible, mission work, giving, listening and accompaning people on their journeys. 

Life is a journey toward understanding what it is that pulls you towards….and what pulls you away from God.  What are your Spiritual Spokes?  What are those things that pull you toward the hub of all things?  What practices in your life pull you and keep your life oriented towards the right paths?


Gritty Teeth

February 3, 2009

3242500803_fb331c6b7f1Do you ever feel like life is just rolling over you, wearing you down?  Like the teeth in this picture, we can feel run over, pushed around, and worn out, left with the grunge and ick of life, clinging to us!

Perhaps it’s time for some good cleaning and cleansing.  A little brushing here, cleaning solution there, and vwallla!  We are sparkling again!

The same is true of our spirits!  When we are tired, worn down, and left with a grimey feeling, what we need is a refreshing dose of the Spirit!  We need to find a new and refreshing way to spin our wheels.  Perhaps, we even need to find a way to just coast for a while…