Not the Numbers

            Today I was thrilled, after 2 worship services, to step back and do a simple act of service, that almost everyone is capable of—I gave blood today after church.  I am so glad that we have several Sundays designated to give blood, and while I likely won’t do it every time, it’s really an awesome thing to do, especially with a friend!  Why?  Because you can have fun!
            As I was getting prepped and checked out, I was asked the question that I needed to hear- “Do you run a lot, or are you super athletic or something?”  That’s what she asked!  I couldn’t believe it!  “Why?” I asked.  “Because your vitals are great!” she volunteered. 
            Really?  104/68 BP, Pulse 52, is that good??  I admitted, “I’m a bike rider” which made my heart flutter just a bit!  Now I want to know what my cholesterol is!  We’ll see!  Why are the numbers cool?  Mostly because they spawned a conversation and a bit of laughter the entire time, but also because they remind me of the purpose of the whole bike anyway- TO PUT ME IN MOTION! 
          What’s putting you in motion these days?  What’s moving your body?  Heart?  Or Soul?  That may be why it is the most amazing machine ever invented!  I rode simple yesterday, but, I rode, and today it reminded me of why I ride.  Not the numbers, not the feel- but the mystery the motion provides for the soul!

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