Beyond the Memories

         Our lives are spent balancing the tension of who we were, who we are right now and who we are becoming.  Last night we scrolled through our newest video addition, the 2009 Tour de France.  With slow-mo we scanned the crowd seeking to spot ourselves along the route.  I remembered every exhilaration of anticipation and release as the riders of the Tour swept towards us and beyond.  To the riders, I am certain, we were simply one more voice to the thousands, but to us it represented a dream come true.
          Memories are powerful reminders of who we were in a moment.  But those moments are past, and we reside on that quest to create new ones.  We are never the same as we were before, and yet, we yearn for that same-ness.  We long for the feelings, the faces, the smells, the accomplishments.  The real problem this presents though, is that we tend to measure ourselves by our yesterdays, and not our tomorrows.  I haven’t ridden enough.  I’m too fat.  My hair’s too grey.  My children don’t visit like they used to.  Our vacations just aren’t the same anymore.  These are the things we tell ourselves, and others.  The unfortunate thing is that those kinds of statements only remind us of what is behind, and rarely make room for joyful memories in our future.  In the same way, when you are riding a bike, it is wise not to spend too much time facing backwards!
          The truth is that we are the same us we were before.  I am the same person I was before.  Life is different, but I am still me, we are still we in the present, creating, planning and imagining a new future to come.

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