Points of Resistance

          “Moses offers 5 points of resistance concerning his awesome new vocation.”  So starts that section from one of my commentaries on Exodus.  I love it precisely because it’s so real and so human!  We resist.  We fight to be younger and thinner as we age and expand.  We don’t want to put away the holiday decor because we don’t want the season to end.  Even our furniture arrangements at home can stay the same for years at a time because we are comfortable with the way they are!  I’ve even noticed that my wife and I squabble about our future renovations, I think just to resist the inevitable effort of actually renovating!  Moses offered 5 points of resistance.
          Weather, stress, time, scheduling and inspiration – these are the 5 points of resistance I have offered myself lately.  I have not ridden in a week and a half.  I have not worked out in a couple of weeks.  Winter is no excuse- I live in Texas!  However, I stand before the contemporary burning bush, in the form of a bathroom mirror, listening to the commanding voice within, wondering when I will get my act together, hoping that today will be the day. 
          I wonder what the real resistance is?  Today one of my children was asking about why we moved to Texas, (which I fully expect for another 6 months) and I voiced that this is where God has called us.  She responded- “I don’t think I was ready for God to call me to Texas.”  I giggled inside.  She went on to articulate that is just doesn’t feel the same.  Of course it doesn’t feel the same- the relationships take a while.  Even when Moses went back to the Pharoah and the Israelites he had a completely different relationship.  I have been so grateful for her honesty because it consistently opens up within me the true fragility with which we all live.  We only control the choices we make, not the entire breadth of God’s movement in our lives.  It is hard work to embrace the mystery of a new future, when so much of the past has been so fulfilling!  We resist, often because we don’t know what the future holds.  We can control the imagination of our past, but tomorrow is unknown.  Children, elders and even Biblical saints alike agree on that!
          What are you resisting today?  And whose hand will you hold, as you walk into the brave new future?

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