Living at the Apex

          Pro cyclists work hard at perfecting their circular motion, applying that constant pressure on their pedals…round and round.  But because of the nature of the machine, there is always that one briefest of moments when there is no push and no pull, where the crank lies straight up, at the very top of its stroke- the Apex, if you will.  This one brief moment, where one foot seems to be riding the tide of the other foot’s down-stroke, is just a split second.  But have you ever considered the vastness of rest that moment provides?  It’s not exactly coasting, but it is the release of pressure before the next moment of momentum arrives.
          Now, imagine that pause in your life, magnified.  That moment between events or errands or even mountain top experiences, where everything comes to a pause and the only thing that you experience is the sound of your own breath, in…..out……in……out…..  Ahhhh, how perfect are those moments?  When so much has been achieved and accomplished and so much is yet anticipated to come.  These are truly moments of grace. 
          I find myself dwelling in the midst of the apex, where one world is pausing and the next is about to open up with all kinds of new possibilities and challenges.  Southport Christian has shared such a wonderfully fond farewell, and First Christian, Lufkin is just beginning to say such a welcoming hello!  It is a privilege to sit at the top of this very moment, soaking in the contentment of two such amazing communities of faith!  It feels like a momentary pause as we ride the genuine tide of love that was shared yesterday, resting briefly, before preparing to move forward into the fresh motion of a new tomorrow.  It is grace that can only be measured as the very presence of God.
          Before you pedal off to do another thing, I invite you to consider where you find this apex moment in your life, that moment where momentum is your friend and you can pause in its midst, between highs, to gather God’s grace.

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One Comment on “Living at the Apex”

  1. Jim Eads Says:

    amen, brother!

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