Shorter Climb Than It Used to Be

          Over the hills and through the woods our group traversed our best training humps as we climb toward the Hilly Hundred this year.  We were thrilled to find brand new pavement through the entire section of Rob Hill and Beach Grove hill!  New pavement and new lines meant a whole new us!  We were flying (down) and grooving (up)!  In fact, after the 5th climb of the day, two of us at the front noted how we thought that particular climb was easier than we expected it to be.
          As we paused for a fill-up at the bottom of Rob, we wondered if maybe they had paved those hills just a little lower than they were before.  Someone went so far as to suggest an engineering equation with the probability that they must have paved on a hot day, and let some of the asphalt slide down the hill, thus making the bottom taller and the top thinner, therefore ultimately shorter from top to bottom.  That theory was pretty funny!
          I guess the truth it spoke to me was that hills, obstacles and troubles ahead are often not nearly as difficult as they first look from the bottom.  Speculation that hills are easier than they used to be is probably common when you’ve been at the bottom of that hill before.  
          In our lives of faith and fun no one promised easy.  God only promises to accompany us as we pedal to the top and bless us as we look down and appreciate all that we have passed.  I hope that in the coming days you will take time to look back and appreciate all that you have passed….that’s what I’m going to do for a while.

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One Comment on “Shorter Climb Than It Used to Be”

  1. Amanda Page Says:

    But what about, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”?

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