The Truth about Prayer (for me…today!)

            I am still digesting the idea that my bike wandered off under someone else’s foot power about a week ago now and then magically reappeared in our lawn 28 hours later.  I was thrust back into the frustration of it all when just this past week I read an article in Bicycling Magazine touting “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” as one of the top 10 bicycle movies ever made.  As you may recall Pee Wee’s bike was stolen, and the whole movie is based on his adventure to find and reclaim his ride.  My stole bike incident was not so much an odyssey as it was an oddity!  None the less, several of you mentioned your concern for me, of which I am grateful.  But it also occurred to someone to suggest that I pray about it…and that was curious to me.
             You see, prayer for me these last 6 months has been more of an immersion experience.  I have meditated silently, listed and spoken my thanksgivings and laments and have even literally stretched my body toward the heavens.  It’s been very rewarding because when I am immersed in the practice of prayer in this way I study better, sleep better, parent better, minister better and really feel more aware of God in my life.  When I pray I don’t get stuff (like my bike back), I don’t accomplish more and I don’t even expect those kinds of return.  When I am regularly practicing and living out a life of prayer there is a flow to things that seem to make sense, even the bad things that we experience in life.  The rough places are made plain, the bumps on the road feel smoother.  So, I discarded my friend’s suggestion that I pray about the stolen bike that is, until now.
            I realized that there were two things that I really needed to pray about in this experience- trust and the well-being of my neighbor.  I realized that my prayers really didn’t need to be about the bike, they were because of the bike!  Since the theft and return, I have been fidgeting with the seat position to readjust it just right, reminding me every time of my discomfort with the whole situation.  This is because there is a measure of trust that has been lost.  There is suspicion on my mind when I am out and about the neighborhood.  This incident took from me a little bit of my faith in others- and that’s a huge piece to be praying about! 
            The second piece is the actually perpetrator.  I believe that justice must have been done in that person’s heart because otherwise the bike would have been ditched at best!  So I need to pray that the person who wronged me has indeed changed, even though I will never know and never see.  I need to pray for hope for this person and for myself- interesting!  
          So, I guess, as usual, when my friends speak I need to listen!  And when God presents me with an opportunity I really should respond!  Prayer is our chance to respond to the most worrisome issues we are facing.  Today is an opportunity for prayer.

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