Reunited and It Feels So Good!

A gentle neighborhood ride this morning may have indeed been one of the best rides of my life! 
            You see, Saturday at 4 pm we noticed and reported my bike stolen!  The police report, insurance claim, general remorse for leaving the garage door open and deep sadness about the state of humanity ruled the rest of my day.  Sunday I enlisted the help of my favorite cycling domestique (7 yr old daughter!) to assist me in plastering posters all over the neighborhood by 2 pm so that everyone could see.  That did the trick, I guess, because by 8:15 pm Sunday, the bike had been returned!  It was leaning against the fence just inside my backyard.
            This morning’s reuniting test ride was just a gentle reminder of all the amazing moments and experiences I have had on that bike over the years.  As we glided along, I remembered Mt Mitchell, Paris Mountain, the Hilly Hundred, and my most recent triumph of the Ride Across Indiana, as well as all the wonderful conversations and fun I’ve had with my fellow riding partners!!  It was as smooth as I had remembered her!  Joy!  Pure Joy!  It was just like our first ride together 5 years ago in the parking lot at the bike shop.

             Why am I so excited and expressive about this?  Like every other small slice of our lives there is a greater truth to be spoken from it.  And from this experience, I must admit, part of my faith in humanity has been restored!  No, I don’t know why someone decided to walk into my garage and roll out on my wonderful road bike.  No, I don’t know why someone felt they ought to return it.  But I don’t need to know.  All I need to do is BELIEVE!
            What I believe is that someone felt stronger about truth and honesty than self-indulgence and breaking the law!  I believe that someone felt that right was better than wrong.  I believe that every human being has the opportunity to examine our circumstances and make choices that will benefit others!  In this case, someone made what I would tell my 3-year-old a “good choice” and for that- my life is better.  I have a grateful heart because someone reached into the moment and did what was right.

            In the end, perhaps that is all we can ask- that everyone speak the truth and act in love, to do what is right in the situations we are given.

            I am grateful to be reunited with my ride once again.  And as one wise friend reminded me- we are but stewards of all that God has provided!  So tonight I will diligently clean up and care for my bike…and shut the garage door once I am finished!

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