Turn off the TV

My life without July would be like Advent without Christmas.  I spend 11 months anticipating the 21 holy days of July where the cycling gods of our day do battle on the road to Paris. 

Today is Black Monday.  I have to begin my withdrawal symptoms all over again.  I’m terrible at this!!  I check the cycling news.  I turn on Versus out of habit and am offended by some idiot shooting a big fat turkey in the woods.  I go for a ride.  I come back and turn on Versus again, and again I’m offended by some camo dude holding Bambi’s dad by the antlers.  I’m grumpy.  Where’s my chocolate croissant?  Where’s my Bob Roll?  Where has my world gone??!?
Not Happy!!

I turn off the TV for what might literally be the last time.  It’s been on since July 3 almost nonstop.  Yes.  I have a problem.  But there is hope.  The preacher yesterday told me “I can do all things thru him who strengthens me.”  I have been fed for the past 3 weeks by all that is true and honorable.  I have been filled with that which is pleasing and commendable.  I have seen and experienced things that are worthy of praise.  For this I rejoice.  It has been a spectacular July, and I can only imagine and look forward to the Julys to come. 

The high holy days have come and gone.  So for now, I turn off the TV and return the common time of life, looking forward to the glory days to come! 
Rest well Andy. 
Rest well Alberto. 
You’re going to need it in order to exceed our expectations again next year!

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