Training and Tranquility

Alex Zulle,  former Swiss professional cyclist, 2 time Vuelta winner, 2nd place TdF, and World Champion time trialist is probably a smart guy to listen to.  So, I perked up when I heard the quote- 
           “Winning is a matter of training and tranquility.”

I want to win!  And my faith reminds me daily that I want others to win too!  That’s why next week I will be taking these last 5 weeks of training and putting them to a tranquil use.  Together with just over 100 bicyclists from across the state I am riding for Habitat for Humanity. 
Check it out–

Together we will raise funds and awareness for this cause – decent, affordable housing for all!  Poverty rolls on, and our bikes can help break that cycle for low-income families.  As a group we’ll likely raise well more than $50,000 so that Habitat affiliates across the state can build houses with partner families who provide the sweat equity and learning that is essential to making a house a home.  It won’t be a complete home, but it’s more windows to enjoy the summer breeze, more doors to close and keep kids safe, more kitchens to clean and more faith building than churches can shake a hammer at!

Perhaps my heart will be pumping up some of those southern Indiana hills, but my soul will be filled with tranquility, knowing that I am putting families under roof with every stroke of the pedal!  Everybody wins!  That’s the best kind of project!  Thanks so much to all my sponsors and donors!  Your gift makes a huge difference!

I’ll be riding May 10- 16.  Please say a prayer for all my fellow riders!

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One Comment on “Training and Tranquility”

  1. Jim Eads Says:

    I like the fact that you want others to also win…that’s just one thing that I admire about. Ride brother ride!

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