Spring Break

I haven’t done spring break since I was 17!  That’s right, I’ve never done a spring break trip post high school- certainly never as the semi-responsible adult that I see myself today.  Now before you go off thinking I must be the only college loser never to have appeared on MTV South Beach (is there such a thing?) let me point out in my defense that I have perfectly good reasons for never donning my beach buff for the worship of sun and beer- a life!  Yep, I skipped all that party to go on college concert band tour (on which I also avoided the party!).  Okay, so it’s not a perfectly good reason, it’s just an excuse, but I never liked the party scene anyway.

Since the college days, I’ve had another compelling reason- work.  Yep, that’s right – spring break has always kind of been what you’d call a heavy week for me.  As a pastor there are often a couple of worship services involved, and in the past I’ve often had a role in working on them.  So I haven’t exactly had time to hit beach.  Fortunately, this year, we are doing just that- well, 2 days at an indoor beach anyway.  I’m just thrilled that our children are this year able to say “I’m going on Spring Break!” and be just as cool as all those other kids.  Granted, this may be the only year we’ll get to do this, but, we get to do this! 

I’m going to be most interested in how much I won’t think about work, and how much I will think about doing as little as possible!  The other part I’m curious about is the role changes.  This will be the first time that I’m the dad on spring break and I’ll be curious about how much work that is, and perhaps how much I will be happy never to have to do spring break again!

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