Facebook Confessional

Lately a lot of friends seem to be confessing things on Facebook!  I don’t know if it’s just that time of year or if it’s a sign that I cajole or prod my friends into silly confessions, but it seems to be building.  Granted Facebook is a great place to confess the innocuous tidbits that which everyone already knows – i.e. “I’m a chocoholic,” “I just can’t stand ______” or “I’ve been playing too much Wii.”  However, that’s hardly confession, is it?  After all, how many of us really have contrite hearts about too much ice cream?  Waistlines, maybe, but hearts?  Who cares!

Real confession is hardly something society seems to be interested in.  We don’t want those feelings of remorse.  It’s fine for someone else, but we don’t want to feel bad, much less tell someone else about feeling bad.  It’s not the norm, it’s not socially appropriate which is precisely why FB confessions are so funny.  As long as we’re being funny- we’re okay, right?

But as we prepare ourselves to wave Jesus into Jerusalem with palms and shouts of Hosanna, we would probably do well to remember what we “the people” do toward the end of next week as well!  We’re the ones who abandon that path to the cross and leave Jesus to walk it alone.  We’re the ones who make a joke, or make a silly confession in order to cope with the reality that we are not wholly in control of our lives, that we are sinners and that we in some measure have failed. 

So let’s make our fun confessions on Facebook, I do all the time!  I’m kind of wondering what the penance would be for too much ice cream with too much peanut butter and too much Nutella?  But remember, there are things worth confessing for real too.

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