You on you

Some Sunday afternoons I am able to attend the 2 hour cross training class at my local Y.  I love it because several of my riding buddies are regulars there in the winter, and it’s a good time to chat and catch up.  But I also love it because Dale teaches in such an inviting and unassuming way- giving us options and encouragement.  He realizes that we look at him with that skeptical laugh, wondering why in the world we would want to get off the bike, down on the floor and do that- whatever ridiculous ab work he’s trying to get us to do at the moment.  He’s not afraid, and his gentle demeanor invites us not to be afraid too.  This is a good thing when we end up making a fool of ourselves sprawled out on the floor with a stretchy band wrapped around our ankles.

Yesterday, the first 45 minutes was like a grueling work out.  I was grinding through, huffing and puffing and reaching and twisting.  I could feel every muscle, every push and pull, every flex and stretch, but then, something happened.  No, it was not that snapping cracking, “uh-oh” noise.  Actually, I found myself in total control of my body- no more huffing and puffing.  My mind cleared and I was able to simple listen, watch, do the exercises and not feel like I was working out- just moving firmly, in total control. 

I’ve had that experience before, but never in the gym!  Usually it’s when I’m in a paceline on the bike rolling across the countryside, wind at my back- comfortable, paced and peaceful.  More often than not, I go to the gym to kill myself on the stairmaster or treadmill, but this time, there was something different.  It was as if I had moved from rough pavement to smooth, floating in careful controlled work.  I recognized and knew what was needed to build strength and endurance, and I was doing it- reaching further.

I think you know too!  See, most of us run thru life like we are trying to kill ourselves on the stairmaster or treadmill.  We’ve given in to the order of the universe that says we need to climb higher and move forward faster.  We’ve let go of our responsibility for ourselves, and we’ve given over that responsibility to the rest of the world around us, and all we can do is try to keep up, or blame others for not meeting our needs!  Maybe this is what Paul really meant when he said “in the world, but not of the world.”  Sure, we are participants together, in this stream we call “life,” but only we know our pace.  Only we know how to make our minds move and our bodies go, and only we know where we want to take them. 

We can control our lives more than we think- we just don’t choose to do it near as much as we should!  In a world full of talking heads and bodies, where Dr Phil and Jillian Michaels seem to be the only people who can tell us what we need, we need to learn to trust ourselves!  You are the expert on you.  You are the authority. 

If you could sit in silence and listen to your body- your arms, legs, hands and feet, what would they tell you? 

If you could sit in silence and listen deeply into the needs of your soul, what would it share with you?

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