Give me 3 feet please!

As I sit here at 9 pm, I’ve gotten the kids off to dance, dinner, reading time, teeth brushing, prayers and bed all by myself!  Yep!  It’s another one of those weeks where I’m solo.

I also just finished my evening yoga with, well, whatever her name is on ExerciseTV this week.  At the end of her routine she invited us to sit in a prayer pose, and ask, “Is there anything I need to know today?”  My mind turned inward to the silence.  I remembered the ending of this mornings’ scripture- Matthew 5-6:34- “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own.  Today’s trouble is enough for today.”  I paused, and cherished today’s memory of a visit with an elderly church member whose health is in decline, but whose spirit is rising. 

Loud and clear, the message of the day came through- “Do not worry about what’s next.  Embrace what’s now.”  I need silence and perhaps more accurately, space, more than I think.  Perhaps we all do.  We need that space to fully grasp what is happening around us and where the grace is.

You know, Indiana just enacted a law requiring passing motorists to allow 3 feet between them and cyclists on the road.  Thank you.  We do need our space.  We all need our space- not only for safety, but for interpersonal renewal!  We need to remember to respect a buffer between us and others in order to be welcoming, and not run over.  We would all do well, to look for the 3 feet, identify it, respect it and live within space allotted to us, instead of living like emotional SUVs barreling down the road of life.

3 feet please…

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2 Comments on “Give me 3 feet please!”

  1. Carolyn Reed Says:

    Stephen, thanks for these words on space. I’m still adjusting to coming back from sabbatical and I found these words very helpful. I appreciate your blog–and you!

  2. Marty Marine Says:

    Wonderful words we should all remember and try to do each day. We will be reading a book in book club called Book of Silence, I think, by Maitland. Sounds good but not sure of the details.

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