On the Bright Side…

Preacher today talked about Ice Road Truckers and other wonderful Discover Channel infotainment!  Good fun.  The point he was making was great- we tend to watch those reality based productions based on a desire to see the impending disaster come to pass.  Something about our humanity positions us perfectly for craving crashes and desiring disaster (preferably viewing them safely from our living room couch), even in the church!!  

Why is it that we are always looking at the faults and fallibility?  Why is it that we are always looking at the negatives?  Why is it we’re always pointing out what’s WRONG with others?

Think of it this way- What would you do if you were pedaling your guts out to get up a long hill?  Would you-

  • focus on all the crap you ate yesterday for bad fuel?
  • tell yourself you can’t make it, until you didn’t?
  • yell at the bike when your fat butt falls over?
  • encourage yourself with “at-a-boys/girls” all the way to the top?

 You wouldn’t do that to yourself, would you?  Then why do it to others?  We need to look on the bright side and encourage and challenge each other to strive toward the pinnacle together!  I think we can and should do better!  Besides most of us complainers never get anything done by complaining…we just get busy holding others back! And who gets to the top that way??!! – NOBODY!

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