I Want That!

Went to IHOP for breakfast today with the girls.  Man, that should be against the law!  Heck, the menu should be against the law!  All that glorious breakfast food on the first 2 pages- a dude don’t stand a chance to hold weight at a place like that! 

So my girls open up the coloring page kids menus and look square into the eyes of a pancake smiley face!  “I want that!” the older one exclaims… “I want that too!” the overenthusiastic and complete copycat of a second child touts!  foodie_thumbnailjpgThese things are unbelievable.  Red strawberry eyes, bright banana smile, and Go-gurt that you put on for hair, if you haven’t sucked it down before any of it can hit the plate.  I swear the plate must have weight 3 pounds when she passed it across, and of course they had to have sausage!  Needless to say, we have 2 half pancake faces sitting in the fridge, that no one will probably eat (that is, no one but me!)

Reminded me though, as soon as they said it, of the object of my desire I found the day before!  I had rolled out with Roger on the Mooresville loop, and he wanted to show me Pioneer Park there in Mooresville.  Never seen it, and had some time, so we rode up to it before leaving the small town.  I couldn’t believe it!  “Man, I want that” I exclaimed as we tootled around the park.  For such a small town, they’ve done quite well with this park!  It has large winding roads, rolling hills, several ball diamonds tucked away, even a couple of covered bridges with large paved paths leading over a bubbling creek.  But what impressed me the most as the object of my desire was a simple and large green space rimmed with a smooth bike path.  The park was full of large multiuse trails, playgrounds and shelter houses.  It’s even home to a large outdoor swimming facility.  Why doesn’t the southside of Indy have anything like this??!!??!

I know, Indy has the Monon (where cyclists can get a ticket!), the White River State Park, Military Park….and…um….what else??!  We have NOTHING!  Nothing like Pioneer park anyway where a guy can jump on a trail just like everyone else, and cruise!  Sure Eagle Creek for the northsiders is lovely, but Perry Park on the southside is a dismal little thing, with its potholed parking lots, I assume kept alive by the skating rink and half-hearted swimming pool.  My elementary school parking lot is a better place to pass on my love of the outdoors and cycling to my children than the local public park!  Come on Indy!  There more to life than a mice infested Lucas Oil Stadium!!  Where’s the multiuse trails?  Where’s the green space that winds for miles?  100_0369 Sure…downtown.  Well, I’ll ride in on some potholed road with no safe bike lanes during the height of the traffic headed to the midday game, and stop by your park sometime, but I bet I still won’t be very welcome on the pedestrian focused sidewalks and canal!

I guess, for now I’ll keep riding out to Mooresville for a roll through my new favorite park!  Right after I have another pancake!

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