Keep Your Moral High Ground

Why is it when people find out you’re a minister, they automatically assume that you are on their side? 

I have an acquaintance at the Y.  He spins as well, and we’ve found that our schedules coincide these last few weeks.  He’s a talker.  I know about his kids, church, work, summer vacation and even abusive father who ultimately took his own life.  Perhaps more than I want to know about a fellow spinner whom I’ve known for 6 spins, but he knows I’m a minister.  This is of course a topic I often try to avoid as it tends to force social interaction one of two ways- either the conversation stops abruptly or the person usually finds some reason to draw you to their side of some personal  argument or social issue.  They assume (don’t we all!) that they have the moral high ground, and they want you to know it…and be on it too!

The truth is I have very different theological perspectives than he does.  Based on what he’s said, I have a much different view of what it means to be church.  I am in very different places on the social issues he’s identified.  None the less, I am not out to quash his beliefs and the gym is not a place for serious discussion.  Is it really ours to make such lofty claims of correctness anyway?  I choose to spin.  The perfect circles perfect my spirit, the constant motion moves me inward toward where my strength lies and the setting, well, it reminds me of the fact that we are all so very special and different.  I only need look up at the man on the treadmill running this way, the woman on the stairmaster climbing up and the girl on the elliptical heading that way, and I am reminded of the simpleness of being me…no moral high ground, no star athlete or theologian, no significance in and of myself…just another vessel to share good news…and I smile…and spin…and I breathe in the good air God gives me to breathe.

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