Run Free

So, my 7 year old has a couple of friends over, and the first 15 minutes was full of the typical back and forth game.  Running to the back yard, running to the upstairs play room, running to the living room, running to the back yard, running to the family room…get it?  Since I’m not exactly one for chaos, and sometimes the back and forth pitter patter of little feet combined with those giggly screams are often to me as fingernails on a chalkboard, my first reaction is to cringe and call the action to a halt.  But, after preaching a sermon this morning touting my wife’s mantra “You Should Do It!” which fuels my cycling habit, I must revert to my second reaction… “Let it be.”  In fact upon further observation I actually enjoyed the speed, spirit and freedom exhibited by the last youngster passing through the kitchen!  It’s a spirit that I recognized.

You see, we two wheelers know something about that kind of spirit- it’s a desire for discovery mixed with a dash of hope and a heap of freedom.  It’s what pulls us to the road, and invites us to the spin.  Speed, spirit and freedom create this kind of vortex of hope that propel us down the road…perhaps even the road of life.  It’s a mystery unfolding that keeps us on the edge of our seats- yep, I mean these kids, I mean riding bikes, and I mean life- unfolding, with every step.  Today I find patience, tomorrow it’s joy, yesterday is was hope, and right now, it’s freedom in the giggles and speed.  We never quite know what the next moment holds, but why squelch it?  Why try to control it?  We are like stallions in the prairie, we are better if left to run free.

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