Share the Road! Cow Up!

100_0647I’ve been reading a lot about this doctor convicted of road rage against cyclists in California.  Various news sources are covering it, especially cycling news outlets (try this one  Monday an L.A. jury found Dr. Thompson guilty of assaulting cyclists by stopping his car suddenly, right in front of them last year.  Apparently this former emergency room doctor was found guilty of six felonies and one misdemeanor and could face as time in prison.  This is truly a sad story for everyone involved.  It’s horrible to imagine the experience from the cyclists perspective as he smashed through the rear window of the car.  Clearly Dr. Thompson has had other issues with cyclists, as you don’t just all of the sudden commit such acts of violence randomly (in fact there was one other incident on file).

“Share the Road” ought to be the golden rule!  Do unto others…seems like it ought to go a lot further when we’re talking about 15 pounds of aluminum versus a 2 ton car!  Personally, I have only had a few run-ins with motorists around here, and mostly that’s just a few mean pickup trucks honking and hollering.  I’ve actually only been yelled at 3 times this year.  In many states there are laws about harassing, yelling, throwing things at cyclists and driving recklessly.  There are also laws about stop signs, red lights, clearance distances required and other items important to those special vehicles you encounter on the road.  Do you know what your state laws require?  

Check this detailed account- 

But, here’s the real story for today-

Cyclists are used to signaling one another in a group.  I’ve gotten used to hearing everything from “Roadkill” to “Thorn” to “Hole” and reacting appropriately.  On the 2nd day of the Hilly Hundred just about 10 miles in, I crested one hill and came upon that slightly chaotic moment where you know something is up, and get prepared to react.  When I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Think about it, southern Indiana, farms all around – yep!  Running down one side of the road, coming right at me- was a cow!  A big black, not so happy looking cow.  Cow-in-RoadThe farmer was waving people over to the other side of the road, and I kept hearing “Cow Up!  Cow Up!”  She trotted around, weaving back and forth so much I couldn’t decide who was more afraid of who.  As I passed by, she darted across behind me and I hit the gas to get out of there!  It was the talk of the rest stop just a couple miles down the road.

Never seen that- but, it is a good reminder to me – Share the Road!


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