Ready to Climb

I am ready for the Hilly Hundred this weekend.  Afterall, as one of my friends said, I’ve been back to work for, what, 4 weeks now!  Yes, re-entry into congregational life from a summer sabbatical is very interesting.  Clearly change has NOT stopped at Southport, waiting for me to catch up.  Heck, before I arrive this morning they were already tearing out carpet, bathroom fixtures and marking up walls!  (I said a solemn fairwell to my favorite toilet!)

But this weekend, I join my ride group in the annual Indiana feature- the Hilly Hundred; 100 miles, 6000+ feet of climbing Saturday and Sunday.  I promised myself I would take this Sunday off this year and do the whole thing – including the Mt. Tabor climb.  Ironically when I return to preach the following Sunday, I am preaching on the Transfiguration – which was suspected to have taken place on Mt. Tabor (just a different Mt. Tabor)!

I am ready to climb again.  It’s an addiction.  I can’t get enough upward movement.  I think I’m going to have to move closer to the mountains some day because there is something both mystical and humbling about the climbs.  It’s an amazing feeling to just sit, and feel your legs in motion, tingling with that readiness, that seems to know that if at any moment the power is required, “I can go!”  No, I’m not going up Alp d’Huez this weekend, or even up Mt.  Mitchell or anything special…but, for me, these climbs will be the summary of my summer.  A reminder of the movement up towards God, of the time in prayer and of the readings.

I hope that I am following up my time with conviction and sharing the right experiences with my congregation.  Too often, I keep things inside, that I really could or even should share.  Maybe sharing the road this weekend with 5000+ other cyclists will remind me to share humbly and wholly!

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