Thank You!

Where do I begin? Thank you!

Thank you, to my fellow staff and ministry colleagues who worked so hard to make sure things went smoothly while I was away this summer on sabbatical. Thank you for all the “extra” you did!

Thank you to the Church Board for making this sabbatical possible and consulting to approve our proposal and Lilly Grant application more than a year ago now.

Thank you to my Sabbatical Support Team who did a lot to make sure the congregation was informed and aware of what was happening around my sabbatical time.

Thank you to you- the members of this congregation, for your support and your prayers. Thank you for recognizing the demands of full time ministry, knowing that we all need new challenges and for caring for your ministers in such a way to allow for this kind of time for renewal and replenishment.

I am glad to be back! My time away has brought me much to be thankful for. I have heard the “still small voice.” I have wandered in the wilderness. I have witnessed where my deepest joy meets the world’s greatest needs. I have discovered my “inner well.” I have sat in silence and I have communed on a mountaintop with 3 transfigured men. I have experienced and achieved more in the last 3 months than I ever could have dreamed, and now, I have the opportunity to share that experience and learning with you! I am glad to be back because together, we have the opportunity to share, to grow and serve with new light, new joy, new hope and new imagination.

No, everything hasn’t changed in you, or in me. As I’ve walked around the church this morning I’ve seen that for a fact. But together, we have the chance to claim what this sabbatical has done for us. For me, I’ve seen scriptures taking on new meanings and interest. I’ve found new confidence and new hope.

Susan Saint Sing’s book clarified my purpose for me best when she wrote about balancing body and soul. Here is what I interpreted from her work as my sabbatical mission: To strive to push my body in a channeled effort, while seeking to stretch my spirit and my mind, reaching deep into the recesses of my soul for new strength, courage, hope, joy and understanding.

To that end, I can say with a warm heart that this journey has been well begun!

So, what has this sabbatical done for you?!?

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