The Moment

The moment was absolutely gripping!  I was standing on the wide railing of a bridge in downtown Greenville, SC.  There were probably a thousand people crammed in on that bridge.  All eyes were glued to the jumbo-tron.  A Team BMC rider had just jumped off the front, taking a small lead over hometown favorite George Hincapie.  The announcers kept chanting “Now’s the Time!  If you are going to win it, now’s the time!”


Somewhere in the midst of the picture break up from the helicopter coverage and the overshadowing trees, all of the sudden out pops Hincapie making a valiant stride to reach the leader and pull up beside him!  It was electric!  The crowd went WILD!  Everyone, all at once realized their man was going to do it!  All arms were up, all voices were shouting and all high fives were exchanged!


Indeed, Hincapie crossed the line with a laser sprint!  Head buried between his arms, bike flying past the crowd and his legs were on fire!  It was amazing!  It was indeed as Andrew Cooper wrote in Playing in the Zone, “A world in which everything is alive, in which the cosmic life force pulses through all things.”


We’ve all experienced these moments of electricity, adrenaline, excitement, heightened consciousness, or connection with a deeper dimension, but usually, for us, they seem short lived.  They are almost fleeting.  


Well- we’re no different than anyone!  Just six hours prior, I too, crossed that same finish line as Hincapie, and it was a thrill!  But, it was short lived, when the man blowing the whistle at us to get off the course pointed us toward the free lunch we were about to devour.


Think about Jesus’ time.  The transfiguration, the miracle moments in the countryside, the triumphal entry, even the prayer in the garden; each a moment, and nothing more!


I put all this out there, because, I wonder; what will life be like after the moment is over.  My sabbatical is about to come to an end.  On Monday Sept. 14, I return to the church office, and life, as I used to know it.  I wonder how I will be different.  I wonder how you are different.  I wonder how God is different in our midst.  I wonder how you’ve felt the life force, the Spirit of God pulsing through your midst in the church since I’ve been gone.  I look forward to sharing with you how I’ve experienced God in my sabbatical. 


Regardless of just how things will be when I return, George had a pretty big smile on his face; I bet we will too!

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