Getting the Call!

I have seen the changes.  I’ve been watching for them.  And now, others are noticing it too!


Todd is a physical therapist and an NCAA referee on the side, he also happens to be one of the strongest in our peloton.  I would call him an athlete.  This past weekend as we rolled along on our century ride he and I traded a few conversations about training and nutrition and health.  He made specific references to how his health has improved this season and I returned with a simple remark about how pleased I was with the changes I’ve seen for me as well.  Todd immediately remarked about the differences he’s noticed in me physically, both in stature and strength.  


If I’m honest, I have to say, I’ve been noticing some specific body changes.  My face seems thinner, I’ve lost about 8 pounds, my quads are way bigger, my tush is tighter, my belly has diminished a great deal, and my calves have 4 or 5 definitive muscles in them.  But enough about me……


What I really want to convey to you is that YOU CAN CHANGE YOURSELF TOO!!!!  I don’t know if you are working on physical fitness, mental fitness, emotional issues, financial problems, athletics, your education, your faith, or any number of personal issues; but I want to stand up and shout this loud and clear- YOU CAN!!!!!


Yes, it’s hard work most of the time.  Sure some of those hills can be killer!  Absolutely, there will be times when you want to give up, move on to something else, divert your attention or look the other way!  But, if you really figure out what is keeping you from making those changes in your life; if you really take the time and make the commitments; if you really get right back on that bike every time you fall off, you can start to see those changes become realities.  


It won’t happen overnight.  But, what happened to me this past Saturday is proof that the change will come!  You see, about mile 88, as we approached our last two long slogs up, Todd looked over at me and said, “You pull us up this first hill, and I’ll get the group up the last one.”  Never before have I specifically been included in a plan to pull the whole group forward faster and stronger.  Usually I’m hanging around the back, being pulled along by the likes of Todd, Ned, Rob and Jim.  Saturday, after a summer of doing nothing but training for that moment, I got the call!  Now, I’m sure Todd didn’t think a thing about it, but to me, it was a huge affirmation of work well done and a summer well spent; so I pulled strong!  


Keep pedaling friends, no matter what your course, and one day soon, you’ll see the difference; and you’ll get the call!

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