What’s Next

Well, West Virginia plans have changed.  Unfortunately, I’ve not gotten the response and assistance in planning from the “cycling school” in WV, that I was hoping for.  I put cycling school in quotes because I’m not entirely sure that it exactly runs like that any more.  Well, let me just say, they aren’t as interested in new students, anyway!


Never the less, there is much to be conquered before my sabbatical comes to an end.  I will be traveling to Greenville SC, for the National Time Trial and Road Race Championships late in August.  No, again- not racing!!  I’ll leave that to the professionals!  (They’d laugh me off the course!)  But I will be riding the charity ride opportunity to follow the Road Race course on Sunday morning, up and over Paris Mountain!  It’s only a 4 mile climb!  I’ll be meeting my brother-in-law along the way.  He’s new to cycling and hopes to hit some hills as the flats of Florida are boring him!  Hope he’ll go over Paris Mtn. with me too!


Then it is off to the Tour of Missouri.  I have found watching racing to be a fascinating thing.  For me- it’s like hearing an awesome sermon or seeing a great lesson taught, because it’s just so powerful and refreshing to see those who are amazing show what God has given them to share!


I have a couple more books to read, and a couple more specific scriptures to reflect on as I’m hoping for more of the fascination that God has filled my head with thus far.  Sabbatical is indeed a great journey- part self critique, part vacation, part hope, part work, part imagination and ALL GOD!  Thank you for this blessing of Spiritual Spokes- I hope that in some measure it is a blessing to you as well!  

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