The Stalker

No, I don’t think she really was stalking him, but this bubbly young kindergarden teacher from California was our first real American friend here.  We found Sarah sort of hiding behind a tree, watching the Versus channel mobile studio truck.  She briefed us on their positions and that they were getting ready to start taping their broadcast.  (They= Bob Roll, Craig Hummer, Paul Sherwin and Phil Ligget- the Versus commentators that every who follows the Tour in America knows…)  Anyway, she really opened up, and shared about herself and about how she had met Bob last year, and how nice he was and everything.  So we watched for a bit, because, well, honestly, it felt a little like a moth on a lightbulb!  

We chatted some more, and the first thing we knew, their taping was finished, and Bob was strolling out of the truck, and headed our way!!!  OMG!!  When he walked up, her smile got huge!  He greeted her, and said he’d remembered her from last year, and asked her some questions, and then he turned and asked us some questions too!!!   Holy COW!!!  Bob was interested in how we liked the Tour so far, and how we liked their coverage.  He also asked if we had our rain gear, because it was going to rain later- and then celebrated that we “Americans come prepared- baby!”  It was surreal!  Someone just walked off the tv set, and talked to us, like he was interested in us!!!

My theory on this is that Bob has several questions he asks any fan that he meets, because he knows that we (fans) get all anxious and don’t know what to say!  He knows we can’t think of anything to contribute to the conversation and so he helps us through it!  Nice of you Bob!  But it was surprising to feel like he took an interest in the conversation.  He was generous with his time, for sure!  

Anyway, this morning, before the race went out, we met our friend (Sarah) again.  She was lurking just inside the team preparation area, where she was just going to walk in and start looking, assuming that was allowed, after all, it was actually inside of the riot fence they had up!  As she moved forward we came up and greeted her.  We had a nice chat about all the gear and how quickly they tore down and assembled these bikes.  We talked about all the tech equipment and the mechanics and everything we saw- which was a lot!  Then she was headed off to other things- we were all still wondering where the American teams were staying.  I don’t think anyone ever saw Highroad, Garmin of the Astana riders until right before the race.

The truth is, it was very cool to make an American friend here, and to have some of those same thoughts about planning where we want to go and what we want to see- including Bobke- whom I don’t really think she was stalking- just lurking around a bit!

BTW- we all got autographs!

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