So- here’s some of the things I’ve done-

-Met “Bobke” – aka Bob Roll, commentator for Versus TV coverage.

-Met a really funny kindergarden teacher from California who helped us do the above mentioned!  (I’d swear she was stalking him- since she said she met him last year, and as he approached they greeted as if he remembered!!)

-Stood in the rain 4 hours, waiting to see the riders come in– AWESOME!!

-Lurked in the team prep area prerace today- seeing up close and personal why these bikes are so awesome and in perfect condition!  Saw Saxo Bank, Team Katousha, Cofidis and Shimano mechanics prepping bikes– I touched several of the bikes!!

-Asked for AND GOT a Saxo Bank team water bottle right from the truck!!

-Eaten Jambon e Fromage about 20 times (it’s about all the French I can say!)  (ham and cheese!)

-Got more junk from the parade of sponsors!  (PRESENTS!)

-Met some American men working in Germany who rode bikes over to Colmar (50k) to see the Tour take off….cool!

-Watched the grand depart- pretty short…but saw ALLLLL the cool people!!!

-Had more Jambone e Fromage

-Went out into the countryside to see some vineyards – had a wonderful experience tasting!

-Climbed up to a castle on the hill

-Ate dinner in the small town- yes, it had ham and cheese!

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