Feed Zone

In my previous blog today, I mentioned the need to feed ourselves in order to help maintain balance.  So, I just had one of those big honkin’ burritos from Moe’s Southwest Grill!  Love it!  Full of rice, chicken and veggies!  545 Calories, (140 from fat), 31g of Protein, 69g Carbs, 0 trans fatty acids, and some great Vitamin C and Iron!  Seriously – I looked it up.


Where’s your feed zone?  Where do you get physically or spiritually nourished for the journey?  In professional cycling they have what’s called the “Feed Zone.”  This is an area on the course for the day where it is permitted for the riders to get food and drinks and supplemental nutrition (bars, gels, etc.).  Assistants hold out little bags (Musetts) full of food and things that are snatched up by the riders as they fly by at 30 miles an hour.  This is the only place where this kind of transaction can take place on the road.  Yes, there are other times where it’s handed out the car windows and passed amongst the team, but this is the designated area where it is permissible outside of the team car and outside of climbing, sprinting or other dangerous areas.  


As I mentioned, I’ve been looking at commentaries on the Elijah “still small voice” story, and trying to wrap my head around that scripture, as that is one place where sabbatical is lifted up in the Bible.  It’s a place where it appears essential – not only is Elijah worn out and depressed, but his life is really at stake!  (No, I’m not depressed nor is my life at stake- I can assure you of that!!)  But it is also obvious in this story that Elijah was feasting on the wrong things.  He was focused on his failure.  He was not seeing the real picture of how God was moving among the people.  He was in his own head, closed off and shut down to what God was showing him. 


Sometimes we find ourselves feasting on the wrong things in life don’t we?  I could have had less chips and Queso at Moe’s- that sure drove up my salt and fat intake!  Sometimes we are guilty at flying through the fast food feed zone, and not thinking it through!   Heck, most of us just don’t know enough about our bodies or nutrition to make real healthy choices!  Is it the same with our spiritual and mental health too!?!  I think that’s likely!  Where are the feed zones that are nourishing…and where are the feed zones that are famishing????  I hope that you take some time and figure that out for yourself….as for me- I’m thinking a scoop of ice cream for desert!? 🙂  After all, it is a rest day!

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