In her book Spirituality of Sport, Saint Sing, a former Olympian brings forth the ancient Greek ideal of arete or excellence and virtueFor her this is the goal of finding balance among 3 specific areas of life.  “If each side of the triangle is balanced and equal then you have achieved great strength…you’ve achieved a heightened state of grace” (Saint Sing p.12). 

triangle balance.001

She notes that you don’t have to compete in sports to get this!  So I sat down and listed out all the things I am doing right now in my life to try to maintain balance and achieve this “heightened state of grace.”  It proved a revealing exercise indeed!  Interestingly, what it brought forth in me were questions as well as honest answers for me, about why we get so out of balance!


Why is it that the world makes us feel like we have to fine tune just one point in our lives?  Our employers can place demands on us and make us feel guilty for having a family and a life.  Our family can make us feel bad about having job requirements.  Our social life can interfere with our physical health, and our physical health can interfere with our work.  Why do we construct these demanding worlds around ourselves??  Perhaps this is a question that can only come from a mind drunk on sabbatical’s lack of requirements, but I really do wonder why it is that we always feel so pulled!  


None the less, when we experience the kind of joy and energy that only comes from the Spirit, we remember that we live in the hope of the resurrection!  So no matter what life is demanding of us, we can find moments of balance in the midst.  It’s not really a matter of reflecting on this handy dandy little triangle picture, so much as it is a matter of taking our lives in to our own hands and controlling our choices in order to feed those lengths of Body – Mind – Spirit.  It is when we forget to feed ourselves that we are in danger of tipping over like a bike rider stuck in his toe clips!  Timber!!


I’ve been looking at some interesting commentaries on the Elijah “Still Small Voice” experience and it seems that when he was at his worst, out of balance and hopeless, he curled up under a tree – God gave him food and water.  God’s plan was simple – why do we make things so complex?


What choices are you making to keep this triangle in its prone and upward focussed position in your life?

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