I’m a fan of Sprinkling!

I’ve decided that sprinkling is a better experience for baptism! After all our only real Disciple argument for immersion is “that’s what Jesus did!” We don’t really base it on any actual detail. If we did look for Greek words in the scripture about immersion we’d discover that the place those words are used are really about cleansing before eating according to the Pharisaic laws! A theological stretch might be to suggest that John was out dunking people while touting “believers baptism” but he was preaching far more fire and brimstone than many of my Disciples colleagues are comfortable with!

So let the scholars argue…who cares!?! We Disciples base our theological argument on such a simple detail- “that’s the way Jesus did it”- I mean, what if he’d eaten soup with a fork? What if he occasionally shared a glass of wine with his friends?– Oh wait- he DID!!

Okay, so not only am I going to have a glass of wine tonight, I’ve decided that I will have a very simple criteria for my belief about sprinkling as well – Sprinkling is better because it feels far better than immersion on a bike! There, I’ve said it- call me a heretic if you must….but I doubt most people really care! Yes, immersion is fun, for a minute…but then, rather quickly, you discover you’d rather be dried off, and have your hair combed…(unless you’re a 6 year old girl at Y camp who could stay in the pool ALL DAY!) But the beauty of sprinkling is that it comes and goes. It refreshes randomly. And you can be refreshed like that every time you see it sprinkling outside, or water your plants. It’s like baptism from God all over again– and who doesn’t need baptized about a million times in their lives anyway!

Okay, perhaps this is a bit silly and I shouldn’t make such rash theological decisions based on my bike. The point is- it sprinkled on my today on my ride and I LOVED IT!!! It was fresh. It was gentle and energizing. It was cleansing for my soul! Thank you God for reminding me today of your ever present care for this earth.

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