For Real?

Okay, maybe you’ve had this experience! We went to church Saturday night at a large church near our home. The girls went to worship with me, and did pretty well, considering that worship opened with about 5 songs, and the only other thing that happened at all was the sermon. He went on for more than a half an hour. (See, I’m not so bad!) But it was just about 20 minutes in, and my older daughter was fidgeting with the offering envelopes something fierce. I had already told her 3 times to stop playing with them. The minister, completely unaware of my struggle near the back, made one of his message declaratives, saying “We need more peace in our lives.” I, distracted, immediately leaned down and whispering in her ear in an ominous tone “If you touch them again, I will kill you!” As soon as I realized what just transpired, I almost laughed out loud! She sheepishly whispered back “For real?”

He was right…and…I was wrong. Actually, he was right about several things. I just wish he didn’t use so many scriptures to try and “prove it!” We do need more peace in our lives- that’s one of the central tenets for a sabbatical to begin with- more peace=less burnout! He reminded me of the joy of what I am going through right now! Also, we do need to act like we are in the presence of Jesus Christ himself every day of our lives. That does help us make choices that are more in line with what God has envisioned for our lives. Other than that, I was mostly picking up Cherrios and taking away envelopes. But it was indeed a pleasure to be on the other side of the pew!

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