What Kind of Cyclist Are You?

I was caught off guard when a church member asked me on my last day- “Did you have some sort of physical before you go?” In his book The Ride, William Gisel talked about how he wasn’t a cyclist when he took on the adventure challenge his friend Ted issued. They would ride 6 days through Alaska for AIDS research. Early in his preparation a friend asked him what kind of bike he rode- he said “It’s red!” For some people cycling is something they do, as he claimed, “for a change of pace in my exercise routine” (p 20), while others have an old bike they “used to ride,” and still there are others who never talk about the fact that they ride to work every chance they get!

I guess I want to ask the same question about our faith! What kind of Spiritual life do you lead? Are you the type who has a Bible, somewhere, that you got back in high school from somebody? Are you the type who prays occasionally, as a “change of pace”? Or are you perhaps the type who is so immersed you never think about talking about it? No matter where we are in our journey, I think it’s important that we do talk about it. I guess l long for a place where we can say- out loud- I do that! I believe that! I wonder about that! I wish _______!

So, no, I haven’t had a physical, but I’m a fairly confident rider, averaging 50 miles a week (which will no doubt go up this week!). I have not yet ridden my first century (100 miles) but I will while I’m on sabbatical! I will also be praying every day, asking God “what’s next?” and “how do you want to use me?” I wish for great peace to come over me, and for new hope to spring up inside. I know that God is moving one pedal stroke at a time, and I can’t wait to get there!

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