The Trail

Well, I have arrived at the trailhead and now I’ve said my goodbyes to family. There is a nervousness, with a side of joy in my heart. Two days ago, I gave the trail a “test run” by riding the southern portion that I wasn’t going to get to ride. But I had the morning, before the family fun started, so I did.

The trail is magnificent. Simple, woodsy, paved smooth, and limited access, the way a real trail ought to be. I passed through tiny Loveland, Ohio- a real “trail town.” A running and cycling store right on the trail-formerly the town train station! It was fabulously quaint. The cafes that straddled the trail as it crossed the main drag were adorably inviting- except that it was only 8:30 a.m. I wanted them to be full of lunching patrons, as I pedaled by. The park along the trail ended at the LMST trail office. It too was an adorable cottage no doubt full of tourist information and historical information about the formation of the trail.

Every metro area should have a trail like this. It is scenic in a way that no trail right through town could be. Following the contour of the land along the river it winds its way toward the Ohio River, dotted with small towns- not big city life. It is a tamed wilderness, something everyone should experience- not because it’s tamed, but because it’s both SO peaceful and SO accessible. It provides a “wilderness corridor” nearby our busy lives….Hmmmm- there’s a title.

Well, tomorrow, I ride and worship on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. 50+ miles to Young’s Dairy. I can’t wait!

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