Just sitting down to finish off Cycling Into Your Soul by Marg Archibald.  As I said before- lots of cycling, but not much on soul!  Sitting with the back door open, listening to the rain, I hear the clear tones of my brassy wind chimes, as I read her words, “Listen to the world, notice.  Find the things that nurture you.  Give yourself the time to absorb them.  Open to it all….Hear your body.  Give it rest.  Give it exercise.  Give it the food it wants.  Let it teach you.” 


I wonder what my body will teach me in the coming weeks.  I wonder how my body might speak to me.  More so, I wonder what voices will well up inside me as I move further into my sabbatical.  What sounds will I hear that speak to my soul? 


“Feel your body and mind and spirit strive for balance.  After a few days of pushing hard and fast and long, respect your body and spirit when they ask for rest, a change.”  Oh that we would all be able to respond to the requests of our own bodies and souls in just such a manner.  It’s too easy to be controlled by all those voices around us telling us to “get busy!” but it is hard to listen to our own voice calling us to rest!  Pastors, just like everyone else, are regularly tempted to let those voices around us control and crowd out the voice within us. 


What is your body, your spirit, your voice, calling you to do? 

Quotes from Archibald pg 266

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