Taking a Turn

In cycling when a group of riders are together, they are called the peleton.  I think it’s connected to the word platoon.  There are certain etiquettes that one follows in a group.  Obviously things like pointing out obstacles and holes in the pavement are a natural – today we identified squirrel, bird and roadkill!  The squirrel was tempting fate running in circles as I flew past less than a foot away.


But one unusual aspect of the peleton is its style of rotation.  No one stays on the front all the time, and this helps a lot!  I’ve read that drafting in cycling saves as much as 20% on your effort, and I believe it.  When I pull in behind other riders, I feel that sensation of being able to rest the legs for a moment.  No wonder it’s a big deal in Nascar.


It’s often referred to as “taking a turn.”  Being the lead person isn’t about glory though, it’s about work!  You break the wind for the rest of the group.  You make choices about line and pavement and point out all the road hazards.  


This Sunday is my last at SCC for 3 months.  As my sabbatical begins Monday, I’m “taking my turn” and in worship I’ll be asking all of you- “When are you taking your turn?”  When will you take sabbatical time?  When will you do the spiritual work you really need to do in order to renew your faith for more work with God?

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